Brand Manuals.

The Brand Book is a document that contains all the rules related to the use of a logo. It serves as a sort of “user manual” for the logo, created to facilitate its correct use by other individuals, printing houses, agencies, and design studios. It provides insights into the philosophy of the logo, its construction, basic and supplementary versions, color scheme, clear space, and minimum size. Additionally, it specifies which background colors the logo best complements and which ones to avoid. It also explains how to use the logo depending on circumstances, background specifics, and its application on various materials. The Brand Book may also include guidelines for creating accessories or promotional materials for the company or organization.

A standard Brand Book typically consists of elements such as:

  • Philosophy of the logo
  • Logo in color and monochrome versions
  • Logo construction
  • Acceptable logo configurations
  • Clear space around the logo
  • Primary and complementary color schemes
  • Typography of the logo
  • Scaling and minimum logo sizes
  • Logo application on different backgrounds
  • Prohibited modifications

As part of Zink Studio, we have already created dozens of Brand Books for various companies and institutions. Below are a few example excerpts.